• Word Wall Words
    Our word wall is a list of sight words that 2nd Graders frequently use in their writing. These words are introduced at the rate of 5 per week. Word wall words often don't fit into "traditional" spelling patterns. Many of them cannot be sounded out phonetically. The words are reviewed weekly and used to add more vocabulary to the children's written work. The words are arranged alphabetically, and during writer's workshop as well as other writing times, children can refer to the word wall when they need to spell a basic sight word! Below is a list of Second Grade word wall words, First Grade word wall words and a link to various activities.

    Second Grade Word Wall Words

    are              about           also            another       all

    after            any              always        been            beautiful

    because      by               before         could          called

    came           come          can’t           does            did

    day              don’t          down          even            each 

    every          first            for              from           four

    found         finally         good           goes            great

    his              have            how            her              if

    into             it’s              just             know          knew

    love            little           must           many          money

    more           made          make          much          now

    no               new            next            name          never

    out              our             other           only            over

    over            people        played         rain             really

    right           some          said             same           sometimes

    second        there           their            they’re        they

    though        third           today          those          them

    through      time            then            than            two

    too              them           these           think           three

    use              very            what           who            where

    why            when          write           were           which

    write           water          would
    First Grade Word Wall Words
    I, boy, like, the, you, school, she, he, to, here, can, at, not, girl, friend, big, little, in, all, we, see, had, look, teacher, they, sister, favorite, get, with, for, night, of, saw, good, me, up, but, from, of, was, come, and, are, out, down, it, day, tell, where, after, no, car, people, that, want, what, some, there, old, who, do, her, your, said, go, thing, did, will, off, went, because, play, them, my, his, have, made, this, best, has, am, jump, how, brother, ride, make, rain, nice, zoo, new, talk, over, pretty, eat, why, won't, can't, very, give, when, children, him, us, be, kick, on, quit, house, is, animal, run, about, does, sent, name






















Last Modified on August 18, 2016