The Winter Day
    It was a cold winter day
    There was frost all around
    There were birds chirping for food
    And snow sitting on the trees
    ~Sasha's poem


         The Advice                                                Poem                                                                                               



    If you want some advice better listen to me “cause” I know a lot of advice!

    When a bully picks on you and says: Hey twerp! Stand up for your self.

    If you don’t like your dinner of casserole just try it… you might like it!

    If your friend lies to you just forgive him/her quickly and forget about it.

    Your baby brother is crying just try to give him a stuffed toy.

    If you have a cut just ask your Mom or Dad for a Band-aid.

    You don’t win a toy from the fair just try, try, again!

    See, I have lots of good advice for you!

    ~Gaby B. 

    The Bad Day 

    I hate recess all you do is run run run.

    There’s nothing to do.

    I had a fight with my friends.

    I try to think clear bright but I can’t.

    I think stormy.

    I talk to a friend.
    Now I feel better.

    -         Emily D