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    The Texas Rangers of the Montgomery Baseball Rookie League beat the  NY Mets in a playoff game on Tuesday June 6th at the McKnight Baseball Complex in Montgomery Township.


    Pitching for the Rangers was-- Ryan G. and-- Brendan O., who pitched a terrific game!


    Catching for the Rangers was-- Aidan D.-- who made some awesome plays at home!


    At the bottom of the 5th with 2 outs--- the score tied up at 7 to 7!!!-----Griffith scooped up a hard hit ball by the Mets--- and made an AWESOME play to first base-- being played by Brendan to make the force-out!!!


    The game was neck to neck for almost three hours!!!-------with both teams batting in runs----- until the Rangers pulled forward in the 6th and FINAL inning!!!-----scoring the winning runs.  The final score was ten to seven with the Rangers going home with the VICTORY!!!


    The Rangers went home with HUGE BASEBALL TROPHIES WITH SPINNERS ON THEM.  (so did the Mets)


    AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, the Rangers were rewarded for their tremendous efforts with COLD JUICE BOXES AND YUMMY COOKIES!


    That’s all for The RC Sports today….I’m--- Ryan G.--- reporting live for------------- W-D-V-R!

    Hi! My name is Arghya! And I am going to tell 3 interesting facts

    about elephants:


     1.Did you know elephants have long memories?

    In Zambia, a group of elephants went searching for a large

    mango tree which was actually in a hotel's court yard.

    The elephants had visited this tree before the hotel was


    2.Did you know that elephants communicate to

    each other by talking? In Nepal, two elephants were

    moved six miles away from each other because

    they were still talking so loud , people had to put

    ear plugs.

    3. Did you know that elephants think for themselves?

    In Thailand a person playing elephant polo could

    not hit the ball after swinging many times,

    so the smart elephant thought that the

    person needed help so it picked up the

    ball and gave it to him in his trunk.