Board of Education Committees

  • Revised: July 2019

    The Board of Education maintains several standing committees to allow it to operate more efficiently.

    The 2019 Board Committee assignments are:

  • Ms. Minkyo Chenette

    Board President

    • Assessment, Curriculum & Instruction Committee (Ex-Officio)
    • Human Resources Committee (Ex-Officio)
    • Interest Based Bargaining Negotiations (Chair)
    • Operations, Facilities & Finance Committee (Ex-Officio)
    • Policy and Communications Committee (Ex-Officio)
    • Referendum Committee (Chair)
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  • Mr. Dharmesh H. Doshi

    • Human Resources Committee (Second Chair)
    • Sick Bank Committee (Chair)
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  • Mr. Jinesh Patel

    • Interest Based Bargaining Negotiations
    • Human Resources Committee
    • Policy and Communications Committee
    • Referendum Committee (Second Chair)
    • Municipal Alliance Liaison (Junior Delegate)
    • New Jersey School Boards Association Delegate Assembly (Junior Delegate)
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  • Mr. Shreesh Tiwari

    • Interest Based Bargaining Negotiations (Second Chair)
    • Operations, Facilities & Finance Committee (Chair)
    • Referendum Committee
    • Borough of Rocky Hill Liaison (Junior Delegate)
    • Montgomery Township Liaison (Junior Delegate)
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  • Ms. Phyllis Bursh

    Board Vice President

    • Interest Based Bargaining Negotiations
    • Operations, Facilities and Finance Committee
    • Policy and Communications Committee (Chair)
    • Borough of Rocky Hill Liaison (Delegate)
    • Legislative Liaison (Delegate)
    • Montgomery Township Liaison (Delegate)
    • Municipal Alliance Liaison (Alternate)
    • NJ School Boards Association (Delegate)
    • PTA/PTO/PSA (Delegate)
    • Somerset County Educational Services Commission (Alternate)
    • Somerset County School Boards Association (Delegate) 
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  • Mrs. Amy Miller

    • Assessment, Curriculum & Instruction (Chair)
    • PTA/PTO/PSA (Junior Delegate)
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  • Ms. Ranjana Rao

    • Operations, Facilities & Finance Committee (Second Chair)
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  • Ms. Joanne Tonkin

    • Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction Committee (Second Chair)
    • Human Resources Committee (Chair)
    • Referendum Committee
    • Legislative Liaison (Junior Delegate)
    • Municipal Alliance Liaison (Delegate)
    • Somerset County Educational Services Commission (Delegate)
    • Somerset County School Boards Association (Junior Delegate)
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  • The Board when necessary, can establish a temporary or "Ad Hoc" committee to deal with an issue. These committees have an objective or purpose and are disbanded when objective or purpose is accomplished.
Last Modified on July 11, 2019