Genesis Parent Resources

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    What is Genesis?

    Montgomery Township School District uses the district and school websites for general communications.  In addition, MTSD also uses two other methods to deliver personalized electronic communications, Genesis Parent Access (also used by student accounts) and Blackboard Connect for mass email and phone notification.

    The information you receive via Genesis Parent Access comes from Genesis, our Student Information System.  Genesis Parent Access is designed to provide users with the ability to view:

    • Basic student information, schedule, homeroom teacher, bus route
    • Attendance Information
    • Assignments and grades from the teacher Gradebook (applicable for grades 5-12)
    • Marking Period Grades and Report Cards

    For parent accounts, Genesis Parent Access is also designed to provide users with the ability to:

    • Update your contact information
    • Designate which phone number to receive text messages on
    • Submit attendance notes
    • Configure to receive notifications when portal is updated

    Blackboard Connect Logo

    Blackboard Connect, the MTSD mass notification system, uses the contact information in Genesis for emails, phone and text communication.  It is important that parents log into Genesis Parent Resources on a regular basis and update their contact information so that you receive notifications on a regular basis.

    If you do not have a Parent or Student Access account please e-mail Genesis Support ( with the following information:

    • Parent Name
    • Phone number (daytime)
    • Parent e-mail address
    • List for each student in the district:
      • Student Last Name
      • Student First Name
      • Grade Level
      • Birth Date

    Please click here for more information on BlackboardConnect mass notification system