• Dear MTSD Community,

    This link brings you to view the public curriculum documents via Rubicon Atlas

    We invite you to access our curriculum by way of the link provided.  By accessing curriculum via this link, you will have the opportunity to view our collaboratively written curricula, which is based on the adopted curriculum content standards for the state of New Jersey.
    The purpose of this site is to share the curricula with our entire learning community.  An exciting result of having the curricula documents posted online in this electronic format is that it enables teachers and administrators to make thoughtful, on-going revisions and updates in real time.  Through professional reflection, as well as the disaggregation and aggregation of assessment data, our staff is well equipped to revise our curriculum in ways that effectively meet the needs of our individual students throughout the school year.
    You may also note that the curriculum template is set up to reflect the well-researched components of the Understanding by Design curriculum model.  This means that as curricula revisions are taking place, the process of backward design is being employed so that all of the decisions being made as a result of examining curriculum content through the following three lenses:
    • Identifying the desired results: What do we want the students to learn?
    • Determining acceptable evidence: What evidence do we need in order to determine whether the students have actually learned this?
    • Planning learning experiences and instruction: What do we want the students to do in order to achieve the desired results in understanding, knowledge and skills? 
    The well-researched practice of backward design, developed by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, is valuable for a variety of reasons.  However, here at MTSD we feel the most important aspect of this curriculum design process is the fact that it is outcome based and results oriented while remaining grounded in purposeful planning.  Through this means multiple authentic learning opportunities are designed to take place and the stage is set for genuine student understanding to occur.
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