MTSD School Registration

  • Registration for the 2017-18 School Year

    Grades 1 - 12

    To register all children, OTHER than new Kindergarten students, please contact the Board of Education to schedule an
    appointment.  Click here for Kindergarten Registration.
       Diane Strimple
       Board of Education Administrative Office
       1014 Route 601
       Skillman, NJ  08558-2112
       (609) 466-7189


    Items Needed

    1. Download and complete a Registration Form for each child.

    2. Official Birth Certificate with raised seal.

    3. Proof of Residency such as a current tax bill or a current lease and current utility bill (such as PSE&G, water or cable bill which must be in the name of the parent or guardian.

    4. Immunization Records: Immunization Requirements.  The completed Vaccination Record for all students enrolling from another state or country.

    5. Copy of a current physical examination from a doctor:
          Pre-K through Grade 4 Medical Forms
          Grade 5 through Grade 12 Medical Forms

    6. The completed health history form which is part of the medical forms document.
    7.  Name and complete address of school from which student is transferring.
    8.  The completed Language Survey Form.

    Please contact Diane Strimple, Registrar,  at (609) 466-7189 to schedule an appointment.

    Registration for the 2018-2019 school year is in progress.