• NWEA Measures of Academic Progress- One Size Doesn’t Fit All

    Each child learns differently. The NWEA MAP is a  computerized adaptive assessments that test differently, allowing teachers to see their students as individuals – each with their own base of knowledge.

    Tests That Adapt to the Student

    NWEA Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) tests present students with engaging, age-appropriate content. As a student responds to questions, the test responds to the student, adjusting up or down in difficulty.

    The result can be a rewarding experience for the student, and a wealth of detailed information for teachers, parents and administrators.

    Powered By Data

    The  underlying data driving the assessment ensures remarkable accuracy, based on over 24 million assessments given over our 30+ years. The NWEA MAP uses an equal-interval RIT scale that provides a grade-independent analysis of a child's learning. 

    For educators, it means at last having timely information that, used well, can change the course of a student's school year.


    ODYSSEY is a web-based integrated learning system that can enhance every student’s opportunity to achieve.  The curriculum is aligned to state and national standards to provide an engaging and stimulating learning environment for students.  Activities can be created in math, language arts/reading,  science, social studies and writing to support individual or classroom instruction.

    The NWEA MAP assessment scores will be uploaded into Compass Learning Odyssey to provide individual learning paths for students.
    Student User Name: Six Digit Student ID.  If Student ID is fewer than six numbers, add leading zeros to make six digits.  Example 1234=001234.
    Student Password: Same as User Name.
    School: Change Odyssey to MTSD.
    Parents should use their own Odyssey ID to avoid interference with student work progress.
    Parent User Name: The letter "P" plus the Six Digit Student ID. Example 1234=P001234.
    Parent Password: Same as User Name and also include the "P"..
    School: Change Odyssey to MTSD.
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