Portrait of a Graduate • College & Career Ready: Innovative and Creative

    • The ability to develop and use a wide range of idea creation techniques
    • The ability to elaborate, refine, analyze and evaluate my ideas in order to improve and maximize creative efforts

    Elementary School

    I can:
    • play with ideas to create something new and different
    • take chances and question the world around me
    • learn from my mistakes
    • notice problems and consider multiple solutions

    Middle School

    I can:
    • intentionally interact with ideas to generate something new
    • develop questions to drive my learning
    • view my mistake as a process of learning
    • notice problems and test multiple solutions

    High School

    I can:
    • formulate and refine original ideas through the creative process
    • notice problems and generate questions that lead to creation
    • reflect upon failure and utilize it as a tool to improve
    • recognize that I can be part of a solution