Portrait of a Graduate • College & Career Ready: Collaborative

  • The ability to commit to the goal of the group while actively contributing and demonstrating flexibility in your group decisions (compromise).

    Elementary School

    I can:
    • take turns and use active listening skills most of the time
    • attempt to participate in the creation of a shared plan
    • interact with the group in a friendly, respectful manner.  All of our group members speak to each other so that all group members feel respected and heard

    Middle School

    I can:
    • work toward ensuring that all group members contribute, remain focused and encourage each other to equally participate
    • agree with the goal of the team most of the time and if I do not, I am able to demonstrate flexibility in group decisions (compromise)
    • successfully build off of others’ ideas and recognize that our team produced something better than any one of us could have created on our own

    High School

    I can:
    • positively contribute to every team
    • apply an awareness of cultural differences to avoid barriers to productive and positive interaction
    • find ways to increase the engagements and contributions of all team members