Portrait of a Graduate • Ethical & Responsible: Engages in Civics


    Elementary School

    I can:
    • identify my local, state and federal government officials
    • learn about types of community helpers, such as firefighters, EMT's and police officers
    • participate in community service such as walks, fundraisers and donations
    • explain American symbols such as the American flag, Statue of Liberty and the Seal of New Jersey
    • articulate why we have rules at school and rules at home

    Middle School

    I can:
    • explain how my local government operates.  For example, the Township Committee and the School Board
    • name and participate in various service organizations in my community such as Rotary, Elks, Freemasonry, Boy Scouts of America, Girls Scouts of the USA
    • identify the three branches of government and explain how each branch works to serve our government
    • participate in a mock trial
    • donate time and resources to a service organization in my local and larger community
    • write a "Letter to the Editor" and/or business organization concerning an issue important to me

    High School

    I can:
    • attend School Board and Township Committee meetings
    • register to vote
    • vote in local, state and federal elections
    • volunteer as a poll worker on election days (16+ years old)
    • participate in civic clubs such as Model U.N., Student Council, Interact, Debate Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, Amnesty, Montgomery UNICEF, Red Cross, Habitate for Humanity, International Club, Jumpstart, Operation Smile, Peer Leaders, Smile for a Child
    • support a community service organization with my time, leadership and resources such as Van Harlingen Historical Society of Montgomery, Montgomery/Belle Mead/Rocky Hill Volunteer Fire Departments, Montgomery EMS, Montgomery South Asian Charity Foundation, Get Out
    • write and volunteer with local officials on a Civic Action Project (CAP)