Portrait of a Graduate • Socially & Emotionally Aware: Respectful

  • The ability to demonstrate a positive regard for others.

    Elementary School

    I can:
    • recognize and identify the feelings and perspectives of others
    • demonstrate well-mannered behaviors in various settings
    • Identify differences among and contributions of various social and cultural groups
    • Describe positive qualities of others
    • Demonstrate how to work effectively with those different from oneself

    Middle School

    I can:
    • Explain how individual, social, and cultural differences may increase vulnerability to mistreatment and ways to address it
    • Analyze the effects of taking action to oppose mistreatment of others based on individual and group differences

    High School

    I can:
    • Analyze the origins and negative effects of stereotyping and prejudice
    • Demonstrate respect for individuals from different social and cultural groups
    • Evaluate strategies for being respectful of others and opposing stereotyping and prejudice
    • Evaluate how advocacy for the rights of others contributes to the common good