• MTSD Recognizes American Education Week
    All of our schools participated in recognizing American Education Week, 11/16/14 - 11/22/14, with various activities.  Thank you to the MTEA for their efforts in coordinating our "Educator For a Day" participants on 11/18, and to the school administrations for all their work in acknowledging their school staffs.
    • Educator For a Day: BOE member Adelle Kirk-Csontos was placed with Mrs. VanNostrand's AM-Kindergarten class, gym class with Ms. Sinclair and in the afternoon with Mr. Sletteland's 1st graders.  Asma Ahmed was placed with Mrs. Castano's 2nd grade class, and Tony Brunell from the BOE office with Mrs. VanNostrand's PM-Kindergarten class.
    • Educator For a Day: Newly elected BOE members Christine Witt & Amy Miller were placed with the 4th grade classrooms of Mrs. Pignataro/Ms. Maxwell & Ms. Yulo/Ms. Borelli, and Wanrong Lin of the Rotary Club was placed with Mr. Dolan's computer classroom
    • Special messages on the school marquis each day
    • November breakfast dedicated to the VES support staff
    • NEA announcement & background slide added to Monday's "VES News"
    • Educator For a Day: Gabi Rosen placed with Bobbi Kuhn's 5th grade class & Annette Wells of the BOE was placed in Ms. Benz' 6th grade class 
    • On Friday, 11/14, breakfast was served to the entire LMS staff
    • Flowers in appreciation for substitute teachers with the message "Thank you for helping us grow!"
    substitute       substitute
    • Daily "Shout-Outs" on the daily announcements recongizing teachers, support staff, parent volunteers and substitutes
    • Apples of Appreciation - Baskets of apples available for all staff to award one another in appreciation of all they do for the school community

    • Gratitude Cards - on Wednesday students will write notes of gratitude to our education support professions.  Notes will be displayed on a School Superheroes bulletin board
    • Educator For a Day: Board of Ed member Annie Michaelson was placed with MHS Physics teacher Brian Grieco, George Jarvis of the Rotary Club with MHS Math teacher Kelly Rafferty, and Mary Caterson of the Rotary Club with Audrey Rosenthal (Skybox MHS)
    • Inspirational education-themed quotes on the MHS sign each day