• Montgomery Township Mathematics Program


    The Montgomery Township Mathematics Program supports the development of the curriculum and instruction for the district encompassing the Kindergarten through grade twelve continuum. An overview and curriculum in each of the grade level spans are provided through the following linked pages.
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    Elementary Program:  Grades K-4
    Montgomery School District's K-4 Mathematics Curriculum is organized around five content clusters: 
    • Operations &  Algebraic Thinking
    • Number in Base Ten
    • Fractions
    • Geometry
    • Measurement & Data
    All content clusters and the five process skills (problem solving, communication, connections, reasoning, & representation) are addressed in every grade level of the program, building a strong and balanced foundation. In addition, we have designed a facts mastery sequence to ensure that our students can fluently and accurately recall basic math facts when performing everyday computations or solving problems. Using Bridges Mathematics and Number Corner (K-3) and EnVisions 2020 (4th Grade) as our anchor resources, each grade level introduces problems to be solved and situations to be explored that extend students’ conceptual understandings and skills beyond traditional computation. The curriculum is grounded in the research of how students learn mathematics and the principles of Math Workshop. We believe our curriculum will foster the development of our students' mathematical intuition and the overall mathematical literacy necessary to succeed in a global society.
    Instructional designs include:
    • High expectations for all students
    • Dynamic real-world and cross curricular applications, including the use of technology
    • Concrete modeling as a pathway to abstract understanding
    • A problem-solving approach that develops critical thinking skills, strategy development, the application of  concepts, and communication
    • Frequent practice of basic skills through mathematical games
    • An instructional approach that revisits topics in a variety of contexts to ensure full conceptual development and retention
    • Collaborative learning in partner and small group activities

    Montgomery’s K-4 math curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Mathematics (NJSLS-M). Therefore, it adequately prepares our students for the New Jersey Statewide Assessment which begins in 3rd grade. More importantly, however, the curriculum is designed to foster student growth and to develop students’ abilities and motivation to become life-long mathematical thinkers and problem solvers.

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    Lower Middle School Program
    The mathematics program provides students with mathematical skills, understanding and attitudes that they will need to be successful in their future careers and daily lives.  Students continue to develop proficiency in reasoning, problem solving, and communicating about mathematics while building their conceptual understanding, and procedural and analytical skills.
    The following are the mathematics course offerings:

    Grade 5:  Math 5

    Grade 6:  Math 6, Pre-Algebra 6

    Upper Middle School Program

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    High School Program
    The following are the mathematics course offerings:
    Math Support Math Connections
    College Prep Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Algebra 3, Gemoetry, Algebra/Trigonometry, PreCalculus, Calculus
    Honors/AP Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2, Honors PreCalculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus C, AP Calculus BC
    Electives Discrete Math, Statistics,AP Statistics, Honors Math Methods in Engineering

    Helpful Mathematics Links

    Families Page
    www.nctm.org/sem/Lessons, activities, NCTM Standards, Council news, and related resources
    Figure This!
    www.figurethis.org - Activities and math challenges for middle-grades students and families; some challenges also availablein Spanish; tips for parents in the Family Corner


    http://www.nctm.org/Classroom-Resources/More-Online-Resources-from-NCTM/ - Lessons based on NCTM’s Standards, reviewed Web sites, and interactive tools for students toexplore, learn, and apply mathematics