Genesis Parent Access: Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: How do I reset my password?

    A: You can click on the “Forgot My Password” link located to the right of the "Login" button on the Genesis Parent Access login page.

    Note: Please do not share your password with anyone including members of the school district. For security reasons we cannot see your password. If you need to reset your password, you will be given a new, randomly generated password. You will then be required to change the new password the next time you login to Genesis Parent Access.

    Q: Why should I logout and not just close the window?

    A: Closing your browser will not exit you from your session. We recommend logging out of the Genesis Parent Access to eliminate the possibility of someone else accidentally getting access to your student’s information. The “Log Out” button is at the top right of the Genesis Parent Access screen.

    Q: I have a new phone number and email address, can I update it myself?

    A: The "Contact" tab at the top of the screen will give you access to the contact information we currently have. Only legal Guardians have the permission to update the contact information. You can add and delete contact information on this screen. If you are unable to edit or you cannot accomplish a necessary task please email for support.

    Q: I updated my email address and now I cannot login, what happened?

    A: If the email address you updated is the same as the one you use to login to Genesis Parent Access the link between the contact email address and the login account has been broken. Please email to reestablish the link between your new email address and your Genesis Parent Access account.

    Q: How can I specify what number I want to receive text messages on?

    A: The "Contact" tab at the top of the screen will give you access to the contact information screen. Use the checkbox in the Text column that corresponds to the cell number you want to receive text messages on. 

    Q: Can I be notified when Genesis Parent Access is updated?

    A: Yes, go to the "Message Center" and "Message Alert Setup" screen. If you wish to receive an alert when new messages are sent to your Message Center you may do so here. Alerts may be sent via email or text message.    

    Q: Why should my children have their own Genesis Student Access accounts instead of using my account?

    A: A Genesis Student Access account is different from a Genesis Parent Access account in that a student cannot update any data and only information for a single student is displayed. This has the advantages of not allowing a student to change your contact information, modifying your notification settings, or seeing their sibling’s academic record. This will also ensure that a student does not submit an attendance note that was intended to be used only by a parent.  

    Q: Can I submit an attendance note for my child who will be out of school?

    A: The Parent Attendance Notes feature allows parents to submit Attendance Notes for their students within the Parents Module. You have the ability to submit a note to the attendance office telling the school that a student will be late, absent, or requires an early dismissal, and a reason.

    The Parent Attendance Notes feature is available in addition to calling the attendance hotline and leaving a message.  Regardless of how you notify us, the submission of supporting documentation is still required when appropriate.

    Q: How do you use our contact information?

    A: Privacy is important to us; therefore, we will not sell, rent, or share your contact information with any person or entity unless required by law or pursuant to court order.  The information you provide is used by the school district for communications purposes only.