Neighbors Helping Neighbors Art Contest

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    Our local Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Montgomery NJ page is hosting an art contest. Please see the details below if you would like to participate.


    1. Your artwork must be your own, and not a recreation or reuse of something or someone else on the internet.
    2. The artwork can be any size up to standard letter sized piece of paper (8 1/2" x 11").
    3. You can use any type of item to create your 2D image (no 3D creations can be accepted). I encourage you to explore with paints, crayons, markers, etc. However you can't create it digitally on a computer as your creation must be entirely hand drawn.
    4. Do not use any logos or well known characters/actors/etc.
    5. Only current Montgomery residents/students can submit artwork. Even though this group stretches beyond Montgomery, I would like to keep this contest local. Any child up to and including age 17 can enter.
    6. Contest ends February 28th.
    7. Submit entries by either mailing them to me (341 Province Line Road, Skillman, 08558) or emailing them to me at On the back of the artwork write the artists name and their age.


    Your artwork will be displayed as the new profile picture or logo for this group. Also, all artwork will be on display at Alfonso's Pizzeria & Restaurant during the month of March.

    If anyone has any items they would like to donate to the winner, please contact Dana Zissman

    PRIZE DONATIONS (As of 1/31/19):

    1. Code Ninjas has graciously donated 2 Free Game Building Sessions for Code Ninjas to the logo contest. So the winner and a friend can come.
    2. Alfonso's Pizzeria & Restaurant is donating a $20 gift certificate to the winner.


    The art teacher Deirdre McGrail at the high school to help me select a winner. She is eager to help and depending on the number of entries will also get one of the elementary teachers to help judge as well. On March 15th a winner will be announced.

    Be creative and have fun with it!