MTSD Equity Practices: Cultural Diversity Audit

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    In the Spring of 2021, The Montgomery Township School District (MTSD) conducted a Cultural Diversity Audit as the next step in its Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiative. Cultural Diversity Audits are important assessment tools that are used to determine a school communities' readiness to support a diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative, or to monitor the health of an already established initiative.

    The MTSD Cultural Diversity Audit was designed to increase our capacity to meet the growing needs of our diverse school community while advancing our understanding of cultural literacy. Through its emphasis on diversity, it also supports the goals associated with the district’s Portrait of a Graduate. The audit focused on the perspectives of students, staff, and parents/guardians.

    In support of this effort, MTSD enlisted the guidance of Dr. Robin Daniels from INFLIGHT, LLC. Dr. Daniels is an Educational Consultant and Certified Change Practitioner. She utilizes her wealth of experience as a teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent to advance diversity initiatives. In partnership with the MTSD Audit Support Team, Dr. Daniels conducted a Cultural Diversity Audit of our district.  This audit was unique in its intention to explore the cultural understandings of our organization as we sought to identify the strengths that we can build upon for our future diversity initiatives. 

    Our comprehensive audit consisted of three parts: surveys, focus groups, and a final report.  Surveys were issued to three stakeholder groups:  students, parents, and staff. The surveys were anonymous. The responses were collected and summarized by Dr. Daniels at INFLIGHT, LLC. Below is a link to the findings: