Parent Education Series

  • The Student Academic and Counseling Services Department will continue to bring educational and informative presentations to our community providing new sources and methodologies to better meet the Social & Emotional needs of our students.

    Upcoming Presentation

    • To Be Announced


    Prior Presentations

    • May 24, 2021: Healthy Ways to Manage Stress & Anxiety: Virtual Presentation addressing anxiety, stress, and depression, how COVID has impacted people in those areas, and easy access to some coping skills.
    • March 18, 2019: Mindfulness and Self-Care for Parents: presentation to be posted soon - Presentation given by 7th/8th grade teacher, Stefanie Lachenauer, exploring ways to bring self-care back into your routine of mindfulness in a sustainable way benefitting you and your family!
    • November  19, 2018: Being an Inclusive Community: Presentation given by MHS' "The People Project" with a panel discussion celebrating the many differences in our community.
    • March 28, 2018: An Introduction to Mindfulness: 7th & 8th grade UMS teacher, Stefanie Lachenauer, will host an interactive workship focusing on mindfulness strategies for parents.
    • February 22, 2018: Responsive Classroom - The Home/School ConnectionVES Vice Principal Jaime Maccarone will present to help familiarize you with the Responsive Classroom strategies that teachers utilize in their classrooms.   7:00pm in the OHES Cafetorium 
    • November 20, 2017:  Raising an Adult
    • October 3, 2017:  The Collapse of Parenting - What you need to know to be an effective parent in the 21st Century.  Tuesday, October 3rd @ 7:30pm - The Jewish Center, 435 Nassau St., Princeton, NJ.  FREE & Open to the entire Community
    • April 20, 2017: In the Blink of an Eye - A Conversation About Stress, Anxiety, Alcohol & Drug Use In Our Community" featuring expert panelists, personal stories of hope and key messages from local faith leaders.
    • March 21, 2017: Calming Family Stress with Mindfulness - An interactive workshop presented by Mary Funari, a Certified Parent Coach and approved instructor of “The Art of Positive Parenting”, focusing on positive parenting skills and stress reduction strategies for parents of teens and tweens. 
    • February 15, 2017: Soft Skills for SuccessIncreasingly, employers are looking for people who have strengths in soft skills... the social and emotional skills that are necessary in developing communication, creativity, and critical thinking.  The focus of this presentation is how to help your children develop the skills they need to succeed the society of the future.
    • November 2, 2016: Positive Parenting - Presentation by licensed clinical social worker, Jennifer Torres, who discussed topics including how to simplify your environment to raise calm & happy children. 
    • March 9, 2016:  Helping Your Children Become Better Learners -  A presentation given by the school counselors geared to all grade levels including discussions on children knowing their strengths and developing skills to be more successful in school and beyond.