MSEPTA Scholarship Application

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    MSEPTA is pleased to award scholarships to Montgomery High School Students who are receiving their diploma! 


    The Montgomery Special Education PTA (MSEPTA) is a district-wide organization designed to build strong partnerships amongst teachers, parents, administration, existing PTA’s, and the community so that children receiving special education services of any kind will be better understood, integrated and embraced by our school and community.

    The MSEPTA scholarship is an award acknowledging student transition to adulthood. Students who are receiving their high school diploma (either by completing their high school course of studies or their individual transition program) in the current school year are eligible to apply. The student need not be planning on attending college or any further vocational training to be eligible. This award is designed to promote inclusive opportunities for diverse learners, specifically recognizing and celebrating the successes of students with disabilities. The award is open to any student with a current or previously documented disability.

    Send MSEPTA your personal story on the form of a 200-400 word essay on the topic “Living with my disability” Your essay should be inspirational, giving us a unique insight into what it is like to live with a disability. How you used your persistence and character to overcome your challenges or obstacles and highlighting your successes throughout life that make you who you are today.

    Individual student awards are selected by a committee based on the essay prompt (all student names are removed from the application prior to committee review). This award is not based on academics, leadership or financial need.

    Students will be awarded from $150 up to $750 each. If selected you must be present at the awards ceremony in June to receive your scholarship.

    Please also include:
    Name of MHS guidance counselor or case manager

    If you have any questions please contact  -

    Please submit your completed application to Mrs. Jennifer Cleveland at

    Application is due by 8:00am on Wednesday, March 17, 2021.
    No exceptions! (Please follow submission guidelines.)

    Click Here to download MSEPTA application form

    Click Here to go to the MHS Guidance Counselors page to see other available scholarships.


Last Modified on February 24, 2021