Seal of Biliteracy

  • seal of biliteracy


    The World Languages Department officially opens the 2023-24 window for Seniors to take the qualifying tests to earn the coveted New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy between November 1 - January 15. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  What is the Seal of Biliteracy?

    • It honors graduating seniors who have attained multiple language proficiencies and signals this achievement to colleges and potential employers
    • It takes the form of a notation that appears on the transcript of the graduating senior and as a certificate with seal that is issued by the State of New Jersey Department of Education and is presented to the student by the school district.
    • It was legislated in New Jersey in January 2016 and became administrative code in 2017.
                For more information: NJDOE Seal of Biliteracy and Information Powerpoint for Parents & Students
    How will it benefit students?
    • Provides nationally accredited means of demonstrating language skills to universities for the purpose of receiving academic credit:  A growing number of  U.S. Universities & Colleges offer credit for the Seal of Biliteracy    
    • Provides nationally accredited proof of language and biliteracy skills to potential employers
    • Encourages study of languages, and the development of 21st century skills and global competence
    What to do & when:            
    • Test Window for Juniors testing AP:  October 15.  Juniors register online for the AP Language and Culture examination in the desired language. AP test results make junior student test-takers eligible to receive the Seal of Biliteracy in their senior year.  Please check with the Counseling/Guidance department or the College Board website for information on AP test dates and locations. Per state regulations, AP scores for assessments taken prior to the 2nd semester of the junior year are NOT ADMISSIBLE for the Seal of Biliteracy.  Only tests taken in the 2nd semester junior year are valid.
    • Test Window for Seniors:  November 1 - January 15.  Seniors in World Language courses will test in that language in the classes from between November 13 - November 17.  Seniors not in World Language courses and/ or wishing to demonstrate proficiency in other or addtional languages may register online for the STAMP 4S or STAMP WS tests in their desired language(s) by downloading and the instructions below:

    2023- 24 Seal of Biliteracy Information Letter                                                                                  Testing Instructions for Students testing languages outside of MHS WL Classes                                                                                     

    Language proficiency is assessed via
    • Standards-Based Assessment & Measurement of Proficiency (STAMP)                                                                  Remote test proctoring will be used for students not enrolled in WL classes.

    NO Action is Required                                                                                                                   Proficiency testing for seniors enrolled in MHS ESL, French, German, Spanish and Latin classes will be administered by the MHS Department of World Languages.  

    Nov 13 - 17:  Students in MHS WL Courses:  Students will test during their regularly scheduled class period at no additional cost.     
    • Senior students who are enrolled in World Language classes are administered STAMP tests by the department in September and do not need to take further action.  The district and the state have a record.
    • Junior students who register for AP exams through and because of their World Language classes do not need to take further action.  The district and the state have a record.
    • ESL Students who need to demonstrate literacy in English are administered NJSLA-ELA and ACCESS tests by the school district as a graduation requirement.  However, to earn the Seal of Biliteracy,  ELLs must demonstrate literacy in a language in addition to English.  Testing will take place in the ESL class.


    YES Action is Required
    Students not enrolled in MHS World Languages classes must follow instructions to register and schedule for the STAMP 4S & WS.   Available Languages
    Nov 1 - Jan 15:  Non-WL Students:  Students not currently enrolled in World Language classes, or students wishing to test additional languages, must register for an online test.
    The price for the tests is $39.90.     
    • Students wishing to demonstrate literacy in languages other than that of their World Language courses must register independently and pay for qualifying test(s) by the deadline date. 
    • Students may apply for multiple certificates (two or more of the languages in which they are literate) by taking multiple tests. 
      • STAMP 4S and STAMP WS assessments are available in a variety of World Languages.   
      • AP Language and Culture exams are available in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin and Spanish.
      • ALTA offers tests in many languages not offered by STAMP, including low-density languages.  Must be proctored by MHS.


    Students must take the test as soon as possible to allow time to reschedule in case of unforeseen challenges.

    Seal of Biliteracy results viewable via Genesis in early Spring.

    Qualifying Tests
    • Students must achieve the qualifying scores for World Language test(s) and meet English requirements through the school. 
    • Students in the ESL Program must demonstrate proficiency in both English (through ACCESS) and in their native or other language(s).
    • Cost for the assessment(s) must be paid by the student...
      • if they are NOT currently enrolled in an MHS World Language or ESL Course and/or
      • if they wish to test in a language they are NOT currently taking at MHS 
      • See instructions below for actions needed 
    ** Eligible students may apply for a financial waiver due to economic hardship.
    Test Language Target Score

    ACCESS for ELLs 2.0


    4 or better on Tier B or C                                        in all four language domains

    AP                                Language and Culture

    World Languages

    4 or higher in Junior year

    STAMP 4S


    World Languages

    5 or higher in both                                     Writing/Speaking and Reading/Listening


    Low-Density  World Languages

    3 on the ILR scale


    American Sign Language

    ASLPI- 3.0 or higher;                                      SLPI- Intermediate plus



Last Modified on October 25, 2023