Human Resources - Contact Us

  • Kelly M. Mattis, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

    For specific questions please refer to list below for appropriate contact:
    • Sharon Martin x7008: Reception, GCN Professional Development, Frontline Recruiting & Hiring, Job Postings, Job Descriptions, Employment Verifications, and Annual Convocation
    • Stacey O'Neill x7014: Frontline Absence Management, Substitutes, Attendance, Mentoring, Sick Bank, Tuition Reimbursement, Certifications
    • Jill Busher x7015: Personnel Files, Personnel Agenda, Salary Advancement, Contracts, Certifications, Appointments with Kelly Mattis-Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
    Please feel free to contact Kelly Mattis, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, x7008 for any reason, inquiry, or assistance in any areas of Human Resources.
    For questions or assistance in the areas of payroll, pension, 403B investment providers or benefits, please contact the following people in the Business office:
    Michele Meechan, Payroll Manager, x7006
    Karen Sinclair, Benefits Manager, x7003