Interact at LMS
    Warm Gear for T.A.S.K.
    December 2022
    T.A.S.K. is the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.  To find out more about T.A.S.K., click on the link below:

    On December 7th, students from the LMS Interact Club donated "Warm Gear" to the patrons of T.A.S.K. and received a tour of the facilities.  After depositing donations of hats, gloves, scarves, and socks into the "Hygiene" room, students learned that T.A.S.K. serves over 10,000 meals EVERY week!  Students also learned about many of the other wonderful programs that T.A.S.K. provides to promote self-sufficiency: job training, computer resources, health care screenings, education, and even art and music therapy.  A special thank you to Evie Spadafora for showing the Interact students all the amazing work that T.A.S.K. does for the community!