• Welcome to 5th grade

    Language Arts and Social Studies.

    Ms. Danielle Basilone


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    Language Arts

    The fifth grade language arts curriculum is centered on reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students summarize and critique stories and informational texts and form ideas, opinions and feelings in response to reading in a variety of genres such as realistic fiction, nonfiction, and fantasy. Students write informative, narrative, and opinion pieces, such as literary essays and argumentative essays.

    Social Studies

    The content of the Fifth Grade curriculum is divided into four central themes in order to foster a foundation in learning about Native American and Early American culture, history, geography, economics and government. The course integrates a variety of materials such as media, technology, role-playing, and meaningful literature, as well as a range of teaching methods. In addition, students will be exposed to a variety of primary resources to develop critical thinking. Differentiated instruction, technology driven lessons, and a combination of individual and group work will prepare students to become successful members of their ever-changing community and country.