Montgomery Middle School Philosophy

    Early adolescents need intelligent, committed, honest and sincere adult guides to examine, understand and accept the new role and changing relationships that accompany this period of life.
    The Montgomery Middle School curriculum is designed to help students develop intellectual, creative and physical abilities. Each course not only emphasizes mastery of basic skills, but also challenges students to think deeply, solve problems, and to learn to work effectively with others. Students are scheduled for required courses in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, communications, physical education, health, music and cycle courses.
    In carrying out our program of instruction, staff members seek to have all students experience success at an appropriate level of instruction. We provide students with a wide variety of learning, guidance, and experiences designed to motivate, challenge and support each child. Students are encouraged to develop interpersonal vision and skills, personal and social responsibility, a sense of self-worth, respect for other people and for learning, and pride in their efforts and accomplishments.