• Thanks to all who helped make Communications class a unique opportunity for students in Montgomery, and to all those that helped support the program while it lasted.  I thank all the people in the district for their support, making Montgomery a unique, wonderful place to spend a majority of your career. 
    If you need to contact someone in the position that I recently held, contact Mackenzie Pyne.  If you need to contact me personally, I will check this email site time to time, or you can contact me through my personal email or by text message.
    Eddie Edenfield

    Stiff body read the picture The Guard

     Snoopy Reaching new heights
     lava fields in arizona Seattle San Fran
     Zipping in Panama Great arch In a caldera

     Belize Mayan ruins          Golden Gate ride San Andreas fault
     5 boro ride Tour 1977
    My 3 Angels No place like home



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