Lower Middle School Language Arts

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    Language Arts

    Update for the Fall of 2024

    Beginning in September 2024, we are standardizing the instructional format of the core ELA periods and LA Workshop periods of instruction to provide more equity in programming. This is not a schedule change, as the total ELA instructional time will remain the same.

    Core ELA (Every Day)

    The LMS language arts curriculum aims to grow a student's ability to read, write, speak, and listen. In our reading units, students will summarize, critique, and form ideas and opinions about literature from various genres. Students will also practice nonfiction reading skills throughout the school year.  Students will get to enjoy literature in choice book clubs that accompany our units. In our writing units, students will write personal narratives, literary essays, argument essays, and unstructured writing that allow them to process their thinking. Students will explore the English language through grammar inquiry techniques. Students will study how the English language works and then transfer the grammatical rules and communication trends they discover into their own writing.

    LA Workshop (A or B Day)

    The purpose of LA workshop is to provide students with the learning activities needed in order to achieve the New Jersey Students Learning Standards.  LA Workshop will include targeted skill instruction for small groups of students based on data collected during Core ELA.  Students will continue to practice and extend the skills introduced in the Core ELA class through collaboration, technology platforms, and independent practice.