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    Welcome to Ms. Rangnow's
    6th Grade Social Studies Class!
    Ancient Civilizations: Early Humans, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome 


    You may contact me at: jrangnow@mtsd.us
    For grades and assignments, please go to: http://parents.mtsd.k12.nj.us/genesis
    I am available for After-School Help on Tuesday each week from 3:10pm until 4pm.
     You MUST make arrangements to pick up your child at 4pm.
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    Browse the links to the left to get a general overview of topics covered in class, policies & procedures, and what is expected of the students. 

    Our 6th Grade Social Studies Textbook: Harcourt Horizons - Ancient Civilizations 

    Each student will receive a physical copy of the 6th grade SS Textbook: Harcourt Horizons-Ancient Civilizations as well as a scanned copy via Google Classroom.  This textbook can and should be accessed AT HOME throughout the year.

    We have a class set of textbooks to be used at school.  While we sometimes do textbook readings during class time, students are ALSO expected to use the textbook at home to re-read materials, complete homework assignments, and enrich their classroom learning experience.

    If a student requires an additional physical textbook to use at multiple homes, please notify Ms. Rangnow.  Textbooks are expected to be returned to Ms. Rangnow at the end of the school year.