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    6th Grade Language Arts 
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    My name is Miss Racioppi (Ra-chop-ee)! I love to read and write, which is perfect when teaching language arts. Reading is my passion, and I think reading is something everyone can enjoy. You just need to find the right book! This is something we will be focusing on this year in 6th grade. Once you find your niche, it opens the doors to a deeper understanding of what you are reading, as well as an ability to begin analyzing the the text. Reading analytically is the first step in writing analytically about fiction and nonfiction texts. These are a few of the things we will be focusing on this year in 6th grade language arts!
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email at kracioppi@mtsd.us .
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    - Extra Help Day - Tuesdays 3pm - 4pm