H.I.T Grant Information

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    MTSD has been awarded the High Impact Tutoring grant from the state, which is a great opportunity for our students. The philosophy of the grant is that current 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students have learning opportunity gaps from the pandemic years, which can be closed through high-impact tutoring.

    (H.I.T. is defined as three times a week, at least 30 minutes, in a ratio of 3:1 or less)


    Who are the tutors?

    MTSD will partner with Kelly Educational Services, providing us with in-person, on-site tutors three days a week.

    Where will the tutors work?

    Tutors will be scheduled in the classrooms during their math and reading classes.

    How did we identify students?

    • STAR 360
    • Running Records
    • NJSLA (Grade 4)
    • Math Benchmarks

    What training will the tutors have?

    • Qualifications
      • Associates Degree
      • Experience in Education or Tutoring of Similar Grade Level
    • Kelly Educational Training
      • High focus on tutor-student relationship: Connection, Confidence, and Competence
      • Tutor Essentials: Engagement, Motivation, Variation of Learning Tools, Pacing, Communication
      • S.A.F.E. Student Contact
    • MTSD Training
      • Our Core Values
      • Curriculum Overview
      • Materials and Tools

    Why is my child being identified if their report card is showing they are doing well?

    • This program intends to provide your student with an “academic boost” by working through foundational skills that have not yet been mastered. These targeted skills are considered prerequisite to what your students' classroom teacher is working on at their current grade level.