• Parent Resources
    To obtain a copy of the Parental Rights in Special Education handbook, please click the link below.
    Navigating the Department of Disabilities Service System Webinar
    Please click on the link below to watch the webinar. 
    Recipient User Guide
    Instructions for Parents using Frontline IEP Collaboration Portal, allowing them to sign and send documents virtually. You must download the document before the links in the document are fully functional.  
    Centers for Disease Control - First Signs Campaign
    For facts about early detection of Autism and to take the Milestones Quiz, please follow the link below:
    ACT EARLY !!
    Therapeutic Recreation Department
    The Therapeutic Recreation Department of Somerset County offers a number of recreation programs to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Please visit their web site at https://www.somersetcountyparks.org/therapeutic-recreation their brochure and registration form.
    Bancroft NeuroHealth Workshops
    Bancroft is pleased to offer a free workshop series on topics related to developmental disabilities.  They include managing behaviors at home, special education law, toy selection, pharmacology and autism. Listed below are some of the workshops. Please visit their website: https://www.bancroft.org/ or to register call:  Pat Reid at (856) 429-5637 x371 or 257
    or e-mail Pat at preid@bnh.org.
    Schwab Learning Offers You Free Resources
    Visit www.SchwabFoundation.org to find trusted information from experts, free downloadable publications, and helpful resources.
    Please visit www.LDonline.org for the ABC's of learning disabilities.  This Web site on learning disabilities is for parents, teachers, and other professionals.
    NJ Post-Secondary Disability Support Directory
    The staff of the Adaptive Technology Center has compiled current disability support information from every college and university in New Jersey. The following directory includes contact information for each college, their disability support staff and admissions office. If any information has since changed, please contact us directly. We hope you find this directory to be a valuable resource. 
    The College Planning Guide
    Choosing a college is never easy. If you are a college-bound student with a learning disability, finding the school that’s the best match for you is especially important. Currently, more than two-thirds of young adults designated as learning disabled attend colleges and universities across the country. Careful planning that starts early in high school will increase your chances of being admitted to institutions which best suit your personal needs. The attached resource is designed as a guide for college-bound student with a learning disability.
    Neuhaus Education Center
    Founded in 1980, the Center provides a proven, multi-sensory approach to teaching the basic language skills of reading, writing, and spelling to all students, including those with language-learning differences, especially dyslexia.
    This is a link to a resource guide featuring books, videos and websites identified by the Neuhaus Education Center as resources for parents.
    The Service Directory
    This is a resource for parents that provides information, books, videos and parent guides.
    Mary Pat Publicover                            
    Interim Director of Special Services
    ext. 7023
    Support Staff (District) 
    Patricia Leicht, Secretary, ext. 7232
    Tammie Fischer, Secretary, ext. 7231
    Julianna Fragulis, Secretary, ext. 7138
    For Special Education contact numbers in the schools,
    please click on the school name shown above in left margin.
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