Project Child Find is a free referral service and public awareness campaign to assist in the identification of unserved / underserved youth ages 3-21 years old who may be disabled due to physical, sensory, emotional, communication, cognitive or social difficulties. The public school system provides services for preschool children between the ages of three and five. Preschoolers who demonstrate delays in the development of motor, communication, social emotional or cognitive skills may be eligible for special education and related services.

    Parents who have questions about the eligibility of their child are encouraged to contact the Montgomery Township Department of Pupil Services by calling Mary McLoughlin, Director of Pupil Services, at 609-466-7600 ext. 7233, or by emailing at mmcloughlin@mtsd.us.

    New Jersey's Early Intervention System provides services for infants and toddlers (from birth to the child's third birthday) who have developmental delays or disabilities as well as support for the families.

    For children 3-21 years of age, the school district provides free appropriate public education (FAPE) for eligible students.

    How to make a referral:

    If you would like to request an evaluation for special education and related services, send a written request for an evaluation to the Director of Pupil Services, Mary McLoughlin. Include your child's name, age, address and suspected or known disability. After receiving your written request, the district's child study team has twenty days to have a meeting with you, the parent(s). At this meeting, you and the team will decide if an evaluation is needed and what the evaluation will include.

    Here are a few items to consider as a guide to help you determine if you should seek further assistance:

    •   Does your child play near other children by age 3?

    •   Does your child join other children briefly in play by age 3?

    •   Does your child share and take turns by age 5?

    •   Does your child say his/her first and last name by age 3?

    •   Does your child talk in short sentences by age 4?

    •   Is your child able to kick a ball by age 3?

    •   Is your child able to balance on one foot for a short time by age 4?

    •   Does your child understand simple directions by age 3?

    •   Does your child understand simple stories told or read to him/her age 3?

    •   Does your child respond when you call from another room?

    Below are websites for more information:


    How to make a referral: Early Intervention System

    Statewide Toll Free Referral Number: 1-888-653-4463

    NJ Dept. of Education - Special Education


    NJ Early Intervention System: 1-888-653-4463

    Project Child Find: 1-800-322-8174

    County Supervisors of Child Study: Somerset County: 908-541-5700

Last Modified on May 2, 2014