• Reading: A person with reading difficulties may exhibit one or more of the following behaviors:
    Have decoding problems (difficulty with sounds/symbol relationships; problems discriminating between sounds and between certain letters (e.g., b and d, p and q; frequent reversal of letters and numbers; difficulty blending sounds together to form a word) ;

    • Read slowly and deliberately with no fluency;

    • Appear to re-read or read very slowly, when reading silently;

    • Reread or skips lines in oral reading;

    • Have trouble reading signs, notes, forms, want ads, etc.;

    • Substitute, omit, and/or transpose letters, words, syllables, and phrases;

    • Lose place on page;

    • Skip lines, words, letters, and numbers;

    • Have poor comprehension of written materials;

    • Guess at unknown words and thus compromises comprehension;

    • Have trouble sounding out unknown words

    • Have difficulty with basic skills assessments;

    • Have problems keeping place in test answer sheets;

    • Have difficulty tracking from test booklet to answer sheet

Last Modified on July 25, 2019