• The Assistive Tech continuum for WRITING is as follows:
    (options seen here are just a sampling of what is available)
    Low Tech (no batteries required)


    • Slant board for correct positioning

    slant board

    raised line

    • Adapted paper (raised lines, bold lines, different spacing
    • NCR (no carbon required) paper for notetaking support
    NCR paper

    ad pens

    • Adapted Pens and Pencils
    •  Pen/Pencil Grips

    pencil grips

    letter stamps

  • Alternative Writing Tools (ink stamps, stickers, label maker)
    •   Large font stickers for keyboards/
    •  Keyboard overlays



    Mid Tech
    • Portable word processors


    • Personal recording devices for expression of ideas and notetaking
    • Adapted keyboard


    • Adapted mouse
    • Spell checker, dictionary and/or thesaurus
Last Modified on July 25, 2019