• Attention: Individuals who have difficulty maintaining an attention span because of their limited ability to concentrate.  Individuals that have difficulties with attention may exhibit one or more of the following behaviors:

    ·                     difficulty in paying attention to details

    ·                     easily distracted by events that are occurring at the same time

    ·                     makes careless mistakes

    ·                     appears disorganized (frequently losing school books and assignments)

    ·                     appears not to listen

    ·                     fails to follow through on tasks

    ·                     fidgets or squirms around in their seats

    ·                     talks excessively

    ·                     is unable to "hold" events or information to apply to the future

    ·                     slow to develop self-regulation (needs "instant gratification")

    ·                     has trouble breaking down information or rearranging components to create new responses
    Attention–This part of the mind helps with planning, staying alert, checking your work and picking out the most important things to concentrate on.
    a.     Mental Energy – Initiating/maintaining energy for learning
    b.     Processing – Regulating the use of incoming information
    c.      Production – Regulating behavioral and academic output
Last Modified on July 25, 2019