• FAQs for the Extended School Year Program (ESY)


    Q: What is the purpose of the Extended School Year program?

    A: The purpose of the ESY program is skill maintenance. The specific skills are individualized based upon the student’s goals and objectives in their current Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  Students’ eligibility is based on their ability to recoup and their regression of the student’s skills over an extended break from school.  The Extended School Year Program is most effective when a student attends at least 75% of the program.    

    Q: Where is the Extended School Year program located?

    A: The ESY program is located at the Montgomery High School. The ESY entrance is located on the side of the building across from the solar panels. Entry to our program is in the last set of doors before you reach the tennis courts.

    Q: How do I contact the Extended School Year program?

    A: If you have a question for your child’s teacher, you can email them directly.

    Below is additional contact information:

    • ESY Office: 609-429-0344
    • Transportation: 609-466-7601 x7010
    • Montgomery High School Main Office: 609-466-7602


    Q: Is there busing to and from the Extended School Year program?

    A: Transportation is provided to and from the ESY program. Transportation will notify you prior to the beginning of the program regarding pick-up and drop-off times and locations. If you have any questions regarding transportation, please contact their office directly at: 609-466-7601 x7010.

    Note: As of June 20th, we are not able to make changes to transportation for ESY.

    Q: Who will my child’s teacher be?

    A: Prior to the end of the school year, teachers will send home a welcome letter introducing themselves. This letter will contain the dates of the program, the time of their program, their classroom room number and any supplies that are requested.

    Q: How do I report an absence?

    A: If your child is going to be absent, please call transportation at (609)466-7601 x7010, as well as, notify their teacher via email. You can also call the ESY office (609) 429-0344.

    Q: How do I sign my child in or out of the Extended School Year program?

    A: If you are dropping your child off after the start of their program or picking them up prior to their program ending, you will need to sign them in/out at the ESY office.  If you are aware of a change in arrival/dismissal plan ahead of time. Please email your child’s teacher, as well as transportation.

    Q: Can someone other than my child’s legal guardian pick them up?

    A: Yes, with written consent from the student’s parents/guardian. The teacher must be notified prior to pick up, via email or you can call the ESY office. IDs will be checked.

    Q: Is there a nurse present during the Extended School Year Program?

    A: Yes. A nurse is available during the Extended School Year Program and is located in the ESY area of the High School for easy access. If you need to reach the nurse, you can call the ESY Office (609-429-0344).

    Please contact us with any additional questions.

    Daryl Schwenck - Supervisor of Pupil Services for Montgomery High School



Last Modified on June 24, 2019