• LMS Chorus Grades 5 -6 
    ~Rehearsals and Lessons~ 
     At LMS we run an A/B Day schedule. Students will have their chorus class every other day. In class, students will prepare for our concert performances while learning a variety of musical concepts. 6th grade classes will frequently have sectionals or lessons during this time. These activities will hone in on skills and content addressed in class, and we may meet in small groups, or even individually.
    ~Supplies ~
    To be considered prepared for class, all chorus students must have a pencil at all times, as well as their chromebooks. Students will be provided with a folder, music, and other materials as needed throughout the year. Class supplies, such as our choral music and folders are to stay in the classroom.
    To ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment for all of our musicians, please follow these guidelines: students must let the teacher know when they need to be excused for any reason. Food, candy, gum, and beverages, with the exception of water, are not permitted in class. While we will be doing a lot of singing, there will be many physical warm-ups and exercises to help us prepare our bodies and voices and understand how our bodies work when singing. As a result, I ask that all students wear comfortable clothing and remain aware of their surroundings. Students are expected to pay attention to one another and treat each other with respect. Additionally, all students are expected to treat the wide variety of instruments and classroom supplies with care, and not play instruments on which they have not had instruction. 
    ~Concerts/Graded Rehearsals~ 
    All students are expected to participate in our Chorus Concerts for performance grades. This year's LMS Chorus Concerts will take place on Tuesday, January 9 and Wednesday, June 12. Throughout the year, students will also have several graded rehearsals where the students will have the opportunity to evaluate their own collective Ensemble Skills and Performance. 
    ~ Google Classroom/Email~
    Throughout the year we may have tasks and announcements for students. These will primarily be conveyed and completed during class. However, we also require students to join our Google Classroom. Google Classroom Codes will be distributed during our first classes. Students are expected to regularly check our Google Classroom and their email for updates or more individual support. 
    For our complete Chorus guidelines, please click here.