• Language Arts Websites

    Use these links to supplement your learning and to have some plain old fun!

    Reading Links

    This year your child will be reading… A LOT. 

    You have choice of where you get these books from:
    online (Sora- the LMS online library, Kindle, ebooks, etc)
    paper (library, classroom, bookstore, etc)

    Also, please check out our school Media Center for ebooks: https://sites.google.com/mtsd.us/lmsmediacenter/home

    Your child is expected to always have a book and a book "on deck" available to read. It should be an appropriate reading level- not too challenging, but not too easy. We ask that they are NOT GRAPHIC NOVELS.

    Teachers are available to support with book selection.

    LA Resources
    Thesaurus-  To find different meanings for words
    Dictionary - To look up words 
    Non-Fiction Websites  
    Fiction Websites
    Selecting "Just Right" Books
    Vocabulary Practice 
    Leveled Book List
    Audio Books (login, password needed)
    Word Games