Google Apps for Education

    • As users of GAFE, our students are able to utilize a web-based suite of tools, including a word processor, presentation tool, spreadsheet, form, and drawing program. 
    • Students in grade 3-12 received their own Google Drive log-on.  This typically follows the protocol of 
    • Students in grades 7-12 additionally received a district email to be utilized for communicating with teachers and peers on school projects only.
    • Students in grades 1 and 2 use a shared classroom log on.  
    • Accounts can be accessed both at school and at home, and typically perform best when using the Chrome web browser.

    These Google accounts are managed by the district technology department and fall under our acceptable use policies.  If necessary, the contents of these accounts can be viewed by district administration. Additionally, attached to this email are Best Practices and Safety Pledges that we use with our students.  Please assist us by promoting internet safety and review these documents with your children.

    Students are instructed that these accounts should only be used for academic purposes.  I recommend that parents always have the passwords to any online communities to which their children belong.  Please ask your child for their Google Drive password and store it somewhere safe location.

    Support for using Google Drive as well as the GAFE privacy policy,  is listed on the MTSD Technology Department webpage.