Google Safety Pledge (Grades 2-4)

    Internet Safety Image

    School Safety and Citizenship Pledge


    • I will not share my password with anyone.  I am responsible for all activity in my account.  If I have reason to think that someone else has my password, I will tell Mr. Dolan and we will make a new one.
    • Do not use anyone else's password for any reason.  Do not ask anyone to tell you their password.
    • I will not write anything mean, unkind, or untrue on the internet.  I will T.H.I.N.K. before I write:
      • Is it TRUE?
      • Is it HELPFUL?
      • Is it INSPIRING?
      • Is it NECESSARY?
      • Is it KIND?
    • If someone shares something with me that I did not expect, I will show my teacher before I open it.
    • If I find something on the internet that makes me feel sad or uncomfortable, I will tell my parents, teacher or other adults I trust.  This is not my fault and the adults are here to help me.
    • I will be careful with classroom computers.
    • I will carry classroom computers with two hands.
    • I will not do anything to damage classroom computers.
    • I will not eat or drink anything near the computer.
    • I will tell my teacher if an accident happens while using the computer.

    I understand that if I break these rules:

    • I may lose computer privileges for 30 days.
    • A second offense might cause me to lose my Google Account