MHS - BYOD - Technical Specifications

  • BYOD Technology Minimum Requirements

    Students participating in the BYOD course may choose to bring a laptop, chromebook, iOs tablet, Android Tablet, or Smartphone that meets the following requirements:


    • Windows 7, Mac OS 10.7, Android 5.0, iOS 8
    • Able to connect to Wi-fi (AC best G/N minimal)
    • 3-6 hours of battery life
    • Must run Chrome
    • Must run Google Classroom
      • To determine if your device can run Google Classroom, go to the app store on your device OR to the Chrome App Store. Search for Google Classroom. Read compatibility features.
    • Productivity Software:
      • Google Drive
      • Google Docs
      • Google Slides
      • Google Sheets
      • Google Calendar
      • GMail
      • Must be able to access (on a tablet or smartphone, these apps should be installed on the device):
    • PDF reader
    • Utilize Earbuds or Headphones


    Additional subject area apps may be recommended by classroom instructor such as:
    • Calculator
    • Note Pad
    • Voice to Text App
    • Multimedia Creators (WeVideo or iMovie)