MHS - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • What is it?

          A Bring Your Own Device program recognizes that a large percentage of our students have personal technology that they regularly use to complete school work. Instead of supplanting that technology, students are encouraged to bring their personal device to school in order to develop a continuity between home and school.
          Cloud-based technologies allow students to choose their own platform and personally configure their own devices to meet their individualized learning needs. Through a BYOD program, students will develop both the technical skill and wisdom about how to best utilize technology towards academic success.

    Why are we doing this?

          Simply increasing the number of devices in our school does not directly improve the quality of education our students receive; but, increasing our students connectivity to the world will increase the instructional possibilities with which our students can engage. In addition to the limitless number of quality, academic resources connected students will have access to, our teachers will be able to leverage tools to both increase students engagement and to increase real-time formative assessment.
          Throughout the school year, our teachers will participate in a wide variety of staff development opportunities to increase their ability to utilize instructional technology in order to transform the teaching and learning experience. At the same time, our faculty will work with our students to develop digital literacy and digital wisdom in order to reap the benefits of personal devices, while avoiding the pitfalls.