• Montgomery Lower Middle School

    Physical Education


    5th grade- must wear sneakers and no jewelry

    6th grade- students will change into gym clothes in the locker rooms. Students must change into a pair of gym shorts or pants and a t-shirt. Sneakers are always required.

    Both 5th and 6th grade students will have the option to change into proper gym attire in the lockers rooms. It is strongly encouraged that all students come prepared with change of clothes and dedorant for each class. It will be up to the student whether or not they feel the need to change, but it is best to always be prepared in case the need arises 

     Grading Policy

     Students will earn 100 points for each Phys. Ed Class. Students earn their points in the following categories:

        1)     Preparation (30 points earned)

                     a.     Gum/Jewelry: 1st time is a warning, will lose 5 points off daily grade every time after.

                    b.     Clothes: Students who do not change into gym clothes will lose all 30 points of daily grade. 

                    c.  Students who are unprepared but are wearing appropriate footwear can still earn 70 points of the daily percentage points


           2)     Participation/Effort  (40 points earned)

    a.      Students are actively engaged throughout class period.  Students are giving maximum effort and attention throughout the class period

    b.      Students are to remain focused and attentive during class instruction and demonstrations 

        3)     Sportsmanship/Teamwork  (30 points earned)

    a.       Students must work as a team

    b.      All students are expected to use proper language

    c.       All students will be attentive listeners and communicators.

    d.      Students will have opportunities as leaders in the classroom through the Sport Education Model.

     Physical Education Excuse

     If your child is unable to participate in physical education for any reason, the health office must be notified with a note from your physician.  It must include the diagnosis and expected length of time absent from physical education or contact sports etc. 

    After the expected time has lapsed, the physician must write a note of permission for re-entry or resumption of sport activity. 

    After reviewing the note, the health office will forward it to the physical education teacher for their records and grading.

    *No school sport can be played if a physical education excuse exists

Last Modified on September 1, 2023