Lower Middle School Visual Arts

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    Welcome to the LMS Visual Arts Program!  As part of every 5th and 6th grader's LMS education, students will have a marking period of visual arts every other day for 57 minutes.  During this time, students continue their study of the elements of art and principles of design.  A focus of the LMS art program is to truly develop our students' understanding that successful artists are those that generate creative and unique visual interpretations of their lives and the world around them.  While skills are certainly developed, we hope our students learn that skills are simply a means to self-expression.  A student's ability to replicate a photograph in a drawing is far less important than a student's success in visually communicating their interpretation of the meaning in that photograph.
    LMS is very proud that the visual arts are a major component of two very large, cross-curricular programs that take place every year.  In the 5th grade, students will spend approximately 10 extra days in the art room working with the art teacher and their classroom teachers in developing projects for the annual Heritage Day celebration.  In the 6th grade, students spend approximately 10 days in the art room developing projects for the annual Cultural Museum Experience.  These projects are a personalized visual representation of their learning of different cultures and civilizations throughout history.
    To learn more about the LMS art program, please visit with our LMS teachers!
    5th Grade Art Teacher
    Heritage Day Art Coordinator  
    6th Grade Art Teacher
    Cultural Museum Experience Art Coordinator