Supplies Needed!

School Supplies for Mrs. LiVoti's Language Arts & Social Studies Classes

  • These are the specific supplies needed for Mrs. LiVoti's Language Arts & Social Studies classes. Please have these supplies at school no later than September 12th in order to begin the set up of our notebooks and binders. This is crucial for organizational purposes. 

    ❐ Pencils (regular or mechanical; must provide own lead) (LA and SS)

    ❐ Highlighters (LA and SS) 

    ❐ Colored Pencils (LA and SS) OR Crayons (LA and SS)

    ❐ Erasers (LA and SS)

    ❐ (3) Marble Composition Notebooks (LA and SS) 

    ❐ (2) packages of 3 inch x 3 inch post its ( any color so long as writing will be seen)

    ❐ (1) drawstring bag (to hold independent reading books and reading logs) OR (1) Gallon Ziploc Bag (LA)

    ❐ (3) rolls of scotch tape (Homeroom only)

    ❐ (2) boxes of tissues (Homeroom only)


    Optional items( but appreciated):                  

    ❐ Washable Markers

    ❐ Hand Sanitizer

    ❐ Lysol Wipes

    ❐ Pens-  (for editing writing)


    Printable List