Montgomery Cougars Athletic Department: Fall Sports Information & Registration

  • Montgomery High School & Upper Middle School
    2024-2025 Fall Athletic Programs

    Montgomery High School Fall Sports: Football, Field Hockey, Soccer (boys and girls), Cross Country (boys and girls), Tennis (girls), Volleyball (girls), Gymnastics, Cheer, Dance 
    Upper Middle School Fall Sports: Soccer (boys and girls), Cross Country (boys and girls), Field Hockey

  •  2024-2025 Fall Sports Sign-up & Registration Information

    Step 1 – Health Forms 

    *MHS Fall Sports Due - Strongly Request Forms Due by Monday, July 29, 2024  •  UMS Fall Sports Due - Forms are Due by Thursday, September 5, 2024 at the latest*
    (All Physical Forms must be approved and signed by our District Doctor.  That is why we are requesting all forms being submitted by July 29 and September 5 respectively).

    Contact Your Coach for further information

    All health forms can be accessed using the links below or on the MHS Athletic Department web page

    • Updated Health History form (if your child has had a physical within the year and we have it on record, you and your child will fill this form out and hand it back to the nurse) NJ Dept. of Education Health History Update Questionnaire
    • Physical Evaluation Form: If your child has not had a physical in the past year, you will need to schedule an appointment with their Primary care Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form
    • Please contact your school nurse for specific information regarding your child’s necessary Health Forms

    All Physical Evaluation Forms must be reviewed by the school physician per NJ state law for your child to be cleared. Please drop your forms into the confidentially locked bin located in the MHS Main Office by the date listed above to allow enough time for review and processing.

    Step 2 - Register Online with Genesis (Parent Portal)

    Genesis Sports Registration opens: Monday, June 3, 2023 at 8am
    Must be completed by: MHS: July 29, 2023  •  UMS: September 5, 2023

    1. Log into your parent portal account: Parent Portal

    Click on Forms

    1. Click on Fall Sports Participation Form:
    1. Questions marked with an * are required.

    2. Electronically sign and submit

    **The Montgomery Athletic Department & NJDOH requires that all sport forms (Physicals, Health History, & Allergy Action Plan (if applicable)) be completed by a parent or legal guardian & turned in to the appropriate School Nurse - WE ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED TO ACCEPT ELECTRONIC COPIES OF THE AFOREMENTIONED FORMS!!!

    Step 3 - ImPACT Baseline Test (High School only)

    The online ImPACT baseline test is required once a year during your freshman & junior years before the athlete’s first sport. If you are going to be in 9th or 11th grade and this is your first time on a sports team, or you are new to Montgomery High School, you will need to take the baseline test. If you are currently being treated by a doctor for a concussion, do not take the baseline test and see one of the Athletic Trainers ASAP

    For complete instructions please reference the ImPact Test Information & Form
    Accessing the Test Directly:
    1. Go To website:
    2. Enter ImPACT code (Customer Code):  c06f83d3d0 (use zero’s not o’s)
    3. Click the "Launch Baseline Test" button

    If you have any question concerning the ImPACT test, please contact the following: Athletic Training Office - 609-466-7602 x6556 or x6558 MHS Athletic Department – 609-466-7602 x6567.

    All Health forms are due in the nurse’s office by the following dates:
    ● July 29 for MHS Sports
    ● September 5 for UMS Sports
    ❏ Drop off necessary forms at MHS in the Sports Physicals collection box
    ❏ Register on Genesis/Parent Portal (Necessary for every Season - Fall, Winter, Spring)
    ❏ 9th /11th grade (or New Student @ MHS) - Take the IMPACT test
    ❏ UMS must reference the UMS school calendar to view nurse office hours