Our expectations of ourselves and each other are simple. 

    In class and in school we will…









    Do Now and Homework

    ·         Students are expected to complete the Do Now as they enter the classroom. These tasks include copying their homework and updating their table of contents in the Interactive Notebook.

    ·         Homework should be completed on time and handed in when they are due. Students will lose credit when homework is handed in late.

    Participation/Group work

    ·         In this class, students will be involved in group activity and discussions frequently. Students will be expected to work well in their groups as well as individually.

    Interactive Binders

    ·         Students are expected to use their binders to “interact” with their learning.

    ·         Students will use some of the pages of their binder for “input” or the information that they are learning. Some examples of input include worksheets, definitions, and notes.

    ·         Students will also use some of the pages of their binder for “output” or the student’s interaction. Some examples of output include reflections, questions, and connections.

    ·         Students are given a rubric in their interactive binders.

Last Modified on August 22, 2013