Math 6: A common core aligned course which provides students with challenging activities and experiences using real world applications.  Textbook Used: Pearson enVision

    Pre-Algebra: A rigorous, challenging course that emphasizes problem solving skills and critical thinking.
    Textbook used: Holt McDougal

    General Information and Expectations:

             Please be prepared for class each day.  Bring pencils with erasers, a colored pen for corrections and a three-ringed binder to class each day.  Your binder will be used for classwork and homework assignments.  It will provide you with an organized study guide when preparing for assessments.

              Homework will be assigned daily.  Time is allotted at the end of each class to ask questions regarding the work covered that dayDuring the following lesson, the previous night’s homework assignment will be reviewed and discussed.  Homework should be completed BEFORE class the next day.  A grade of 2 out of 2 or 100% is given on completed homework (not accuracy).  If the assignment is one day late or incomplete, a grade of 1 out of 2 or 50% is given.  

    Mrs. Ciesielski and Mrs. Miller will have after school help on Tuesdays (Mrs. Ciesielski) and Thursdays (Mrs. Miller) from 3:10-4:10, unless otherwise stated.  In preparation for quizzes and tests, you should review all class notes, classwork and homework completed during the unit, as well as any review work assigned.  If you score below 70% on a test, you may take a retest on the same material in order to bring your score up to 70%.  Be sure to see a teacher in order to prepare for the retest.



    • large supply of pencils, colored pens, hole reinforcements, pencil case, highlighters, and colored pencils/pens for all classes

    • three ring binder at least 1.5” width

    • lined (or graph) paper for binder 

    • 1 spiral notebook (Pre-Algebra only)