• Using the Soldering Iron


    The soldering iron is a tool used to make electrical connections between electrical components. It is basically a heating tool used to melt solder onto wires. When the solder cools and dries, it forms an electrical connection.
     iron       solder

    Set Up


    1. Plug in soldering iron and wait five minutes for it to heat up.
    2. Wet the sponge on the stand.
    3. Leave the iron in the stand until you are ready to use it.


    Safety Tips


    1. You must wear safety goggles when soldering.
    2. You must protect your table surface. A scrap piece of wood works great!
    3. Do not touch the metal part of the soldering iron.
    4. Do not let the iron touch plastics, only metal.


    Soldering Steps
    Remember WTA, WTA for the steps to solder your solar panel and motor...
    W - Wirestrip motor and solar panel wires
    T -  Twist ends of red to red and black to black
    A - Apply solder to twisted wires 
    W - Wait 30 seconds to cool
    T -  Tape with electrical tape
    A - Assess using solar lamp

    Clean Up


    1. Wipe the tip of the iron on the sponge to remove the excess solder.
    2. Put the iron back in the stand.