• Hot Glue Gun Safety


    A hot glue gun is a tool that is used to heat hot glue sticks. This type of glue dries much quicker than other types of glue. That is why we use it. Here's how it works.

    glue gun  
    A solid 4” stick of glue is placed into the back of the glue gun. The glue gun contains a heating element inside that liquefies the glue stick upon contact. The liquefied glue is then released through a metal nozzle when the trigger is pulled. This metal nozzles is connected to the heating element and is extremely hot. The glue that comes out is hot as well and you need to wait one minute for it to cool.


    Rules for Use:
    1. Place a sheet of scrap paper under the glue gun whenever it is heated.


    2. Keep the glue gun stood up on its feet at all times.


    3. Wait 5 minutes for it to heat up.


    4. Do not touch the metal nozzle of the glue gun.


    5. Gently pull the trigger when using the glue gun. Pulling quickly or too hard can break the inner parts of the glue gun.


    6. Do not touch wet glue for at least 1 minute.


    7. Do not press down on glued materials with your hands if the glue or heat can come through the materials. Instead, use a pencil or popsicle stick to push the materials together.


    8. Do not wastefully use the glue.


    9. Only use hot glue for materials that will not melt or be disfigured by the heat.


    10. When the glue stick gets too short and no more glue comes out, place another glue stick into the back of the glue gun.


    11. Never put anything but glue sticks into hot glue guns.


     scrap paper            close up

    Clean Up:
    1. Unplug the glue gun, but keep it stood up.


    2. Wait 5 minutes for it to cool down


    3. Leave the glue stick in the glue gun. Never pull the glue stick out of the glue gun.


    4. Once it is cool, wrap the cord around the glue gun and put it away in Ms. Dec's glue gun bin.