• F i f t h     G r a d e     G r a d i n g
    1. Lab Performance (50% of final grade)
    • Students will be assessed on their lab performance in the areas of: demonstrating safe and proper tool usage, working efficiently in the lab, using materials resourcefully, problem solving, working with team mates on design activities, and cleaning up.
    • All students will begin the cycle with a "P" for Proficient and the grade will be adjusted accordingly throughout the cycle.
    • Students will be graded using the following scale: Advanced Proficient = 100%, Proficient = 90%, Partially Proficient = 75%, and Limited Proficiency = 50%


    2. Classwork and Homework (50% of final grade)

    • Classwork - Students will complete various assignments in class like worksheets, sketches, and projects. All of these assignments will be graded with a check system: Check Plus = 100%, Check = 90%, Check Minus = 75%, and Check Minus Minus = 50%
    • Homework - There will be two homework assignments: Lab Safety Contract and White T-shirt. These will be graded with the same check system as the "Classwork" assignments.
    • There will be a lab safety quiz on the Hot Glue Gun. This will be graded numerically.



    At the end of the cycle the student will receive a
     Proficiency Grade using the following grading scale:


    AP = 96% - 100%
    P = 85% - 95%
    PP = 76% - 84%

    LP = 75% and below